Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  I missed the registration deadline – can I still sign up?

A:  It depends.  There are two possible ways to sign up after the registration deadline:

1.       If there is a team that is short the required number of players and/or the required players of this person’s gender.  If so, the player may register after the deadline and will be placed on that team.  The player will receive a “generic” team t-shirt (i.e. printed without sponsor logos or sport/season).

2.      A player may join an already-qualifying team late with the invitation and pre-approval of the team’s captain.  The express permission of the team captain is required.  The late-signing player has until prior to the 5th game of the season to register.  After the 5th game, no new players may register except in extreme circumstances and only with the approval of the club manager.

When registering late:

  • Each player must complete a paper registration form and provide payment prior to the start of the game.  It is not possible to register late online; this must be done in person or by mail.  Registration forms can be given to the field manager (person in charge of the court or field) or the club manager.  Players may not play unless they have completed a registration form and paid – no exceptions.
  • Each player will be prorated based on the games their team has already played.  For leagues costing $49, this rate shall be $5 off per game missed; for leagues costing $69, this rate will be $7 for each game missed.

Q:  We have an injured player who can’t play anymore… can we replace him?

A:  Injured players may be replaced at no cost prior to the 5th game of the season, according to the following rules:

  1. The replacement player must complete a paper registration form in person or by mail or by fax, and the captain must name the player being replaced.
  2. The new player will permanently replace the injured player on the roster.  The injured player may not return for the remainder of the season.
  3. Any payment issues must be worked out between the injured player, the replacement player and the team captain.
  4. The injured player must give his club-provided team t-shirt to the new player.  If this t-shirt does not fit or is unavailable, a new “generic” t-shirt may be purchased from the club for $5. 

Q:  I have decided not to play (injury/schedule change/money problems, etc.); can I get a refund?


  • Before the registration deadline:

YES:  Any request to unregister and receive a full refund before the posted registration deadline will be honored.

  • After the registration deadline:

Players may request a partial refund prior to the second game.  However, after the second game, there will be no refunds.  Players requesting a refund must do so prior to the second game; requests made later in the season will not be granted, even if the player did not attend any games.

For leagues costing $49, players will be refunded $40.  For leagues costing $69, players will be refunded $55.

  • With a replacement player:

If you have someone who can replace you on the roster, you may withdraw from the league prior to the 5th game, following the procedure for replacement players described in the “injured player” section of this FAQ.  In this case, payment details must be worked out between you and the replacement player.


Q:  Can I have a substitute player for a game?

A:  No.  Unregistered substitute players are not permitted for any reason.  All players must be registered with the league and listed on your roster.  If an unregistered player is found to be playing, your team will forfeit the game.  However, new players may join your roster prior to the 5th game with the approval of the team captain (see FAQ section on late registrations).  Also, no player may register to play only one or two games; players may register for the full or partial season only.


Q:  Am I required to go to the bar after the game?

A:  You are not required to go to the bar, but we encourage players to so in order to get to know their teams and/or other teams better, and to take the edge off of the competition.


Q:  I will miss a game or two this season.  What do I do?

A:  We understand that not everyone can make every game.  Partly for this reason, we require larger rosters to help ensure that teams will not be short players when one or two people are unable to make it.  Just let your team captain know if you aren’t able to make a game (you can find their email address and phone number by logging into your Club website account and viewing your team roster).


Q:  I was placed on a team that doesn’t have a captain.  What do I do?

A:  Some teams are composed entirely of players who signed up individually or with small groups.  We affectionately call these teams “rabble” teams – they’re a great way to meet new people!  Once you have met everyone at the pre-season kickoff party, you can select a captain.


Q:  I don’t like a call a referee made.

A:  If an official has behaved in an unprofessional, irresponsible or incompetent manner, please let us know; we’ll look into and take action when necessary.  However, it’s a different story when it comes to in-game calls, including game ejections.  In the history of sports, countless officials have made mistakes and players have argued with officials over mistakes, real or imagined.  Sometimes those calls affect the outcome of the game.  Such is life in the world of playing sports.  The RISSC will never overturn or replay a game because of a referee’s call – ever – so don’t ask us to.